Posted on: May 30, 2017

    5 Shops You Absolutely Need To Check Out For Traditional Wear

    Traditional wear shopping? Pressed for time? Want nothing but the best? Head South and arrive at Lajpat Nagar. Weddings, parties, festivals or daily wear, if there’s one place you get everything, its Lajpat Nagar’s Central Market. Did you hear someone say it’s the Mecca of shoppers? Here are 5 best places for shopping in Lajpat Nagar that you absolutely need to check out before you fill up your bags with s

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    Posted on: May 08, 2017

    Lajpat Nagar Central Market- The Best of Both Worlds!

    Think of anything that gives happiness to a shopaholic and you have Lajpat Nagar with the platter ready. Located near Ashram Chowk, in close proximity to Lajpat Nagar Metro Station, the market is only easy to reach but very hard to leave with endless exciting items on the display, the aroma of some of the most delectable street food items and the craziness and fervor of shoppers makes you feel you’re in a festival.

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    Posted on: Mar 02, 2017

    Good Wholesale Markets for Sarees for Wedding In Delhi NCR

    When you think of wholesale shopping for anything in India, Delhi is the first place to click to mind. From garment shopping, shoes and jewellery to antiques, handicrafts, books, crockery and spices to toys and spare auto parts- Delhi is the Shoppers’s hub at retail, wholesale as well as exporter level. But wholesale shopping in Delhi can be mind numbing if it’s for the first time and that too without ample research. Read More

    Posted on: Mar 02, 2017

    Various Styles of Special Sarees As Gift To A Bride

    If you are thinking about buying a saree as a gift for a bride, it’s a beautiful thought. Nothing matters to a bride more than dresses, jewellery and cosmetics at this point, and probably it’s the only time for her to gather so much ethnic stuff. Here we have some special sarees that would make an ultimate bridal gift. So here we go: Read More

    Posted on: Feb 13, 2017

    Bridal Jewellery on Rent in Lajpat Nagar

    Stuck between the buy or rent conundrum? Although there are several reasons for buying the expensive and real gold bridal jewellery , the reasons for not buying and rather renting the jewellery for the wedding day are stronger and more convincing. So if you also don’t want to lock up your money with no or negligible financial growth and instead want to invest on jewellery that you will wear, enjoy and re

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    Posted on: Feb 07, 2017

    Shopping Guide for South Extension Market

    South Extension is a posh and high-class marketplace located in Ring Road, New Delhi. You can spot all high-end brand stores for clothing, shoes, fashion accessories and gadgets out here. The market is divided in two parts- South Ex 1 and South Ex 2 which are positioned facing each other on the ring road. Her

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    Posted on: Feb 07, 2017

    Best Places To Shop in Lajpat Nagar

    Lajpat Nagar is completely synonymous to Shopping; whether you talk about clothing, shoes, home décor and furnishing, uniforms, bags, or utensils. Being in Delhi and not visiting Lajpat Nagar Central Market is completely a sin. So here’s a quick overview of the chosen and handpicked stores in Lajpat Nagar you must visit.

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    Posted on: Dec 07, 2016

    Best Sherwani Shops in Chandni Chowk for the Groom

    A lot of talking has been done about the bridal shopping, particularly, lehenga shops in chandni chowk but aren’t we forgetting what our dear groom is going to wear? It’s time to explore some sherwani shops in chandni chowk for the dashing groom and also for his best friend and brothers. After all, why should girls have all the fun, huh? Read More

    Posted on: Dec 07, 2016

    Best Bridal Lehenga Shops in Chandni Chowk

    Bridal shopping can be too stressful, especially if you meander without a plan. There’s no second thought that Chandni Chowk is the Mecca for bridal shopping but the crowded, narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk are no easy boulevard to capture. Wedding shopping in Chandni Chowk can be draining if you don’t know the right shops to hit. So here’s a list of stores you must not miss in Chandni Chowk to ensure y

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    Posted on: Oct 28, 2016

    Best Makeup Artists In Delhi/ NCR For Bridal Makeup

    Every woman is beautiful, but she always wants to be appreciated for her beauty. Make up is a vital part of a woman’s life which makes her appear as a goddess or a fairy. Its importance increases on the wedding: the most important day of a female’s life. She wishes to keep this event forever in her mind, so she wants everything to be perfect. Read More

    Posted on: Oct 28, 2016

    Good Gift Options For Festivals

    The festival season has arrived and everybody is busy in purchasing the best possible gifts for the near and dear ones. A beautiful gift can bring a smile on anybody’s face. The market is overflowing with gifts for various festivals, and we are here with the best of them so that you don’t need to bother about spending a lot of time on searching one. Read More

    Posted on: Oct 28, 2016

    Ways To Decorate Your Home This Festive Season

    Festival season means holidays, happiness, time with loved ones and loads of sweets. There’s another reason to get excited for the joyous festive season: Decorating every inch of the house with great enthusiasm. Diwali, one of the most pulsating and exuberant festival of India, is near, and people have alre

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    Posted on: Sep 25, 2016

    Famous Markets in Delhi for Your Trousseau Shopping

    If wedding is on the cards and you are not quite sure where to start with, wedding preparations and trousseau shopping can get easier if you head to famous markets in Delhi. Whether you live in Delhi or are visiting the capital city for bridal shopping, here’s quick information that can help you make your shopping plan. Read More

    Posted on: Sep 25, 2016

    Should You Buy Or Opt For Bridal Jewellery On Rent?

    Apart from the major difference in the amount of money involved, there are many more reasons to think if buying jewellery is a better option or Read More

    Posted on: Sep 25, 2016

    Why Bridal Lehenga on Rent Is a Better Option than Buying?

    Wearing a lehenga is like religion to brides; you just can’t do without it. While bridal lehenga on rent is windfall to many would-be brides, buying a lehenga is an option that comes with its own set of drawbacks. Let’s not talk about the downsides of buying a lehenga, but let’s focus on benefits of bridal lehenga on rent in Delhi:  Read More

    Posted on: Aug 24, 2016

    Bridesmaid dresses to check out this wedding season

    The trend of bridesmaids in India might be relatively newer, but we’ve always had a gang of saalis (bride’s sisters and friends) who not only extorted money from the bridegroom at various stages of wedding but also keep the ambience at the wedding alive and vibrant. To add to this vibrancy and joie de vivre, bridesmaid dresses really do their job well. Whether you match or contrast the bridesmaid dresses with the bride or prefer to play with colours, well decke

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    Posted on: Aug 23, 2016

    Latest Bridal Lehenga Trends For Brides-To-Be: What To Look For

    Bridal lehenga is the sheer reflection of your ethnic taste and culture, your aesthetic sense and your fashion choice. While some conventional brides still persist on a red flared lehenga, there are many unorthodox brides-to-be who really want to make a statement with their bridal lehenga. From Sabyasachi and Rohit Bal to Manish Malhotra and Satya Paul- fashion designers are constantly whipping up new designs to amaze and stun the spectators. With all these fashion

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    Posted on: Aug 04, 2016

    Picking the Right Curtains for Your Abode

    If you choose the right curtains, you can turn an ordinary room into a modern looking cosy place. You can use curtains in all rooms; but there are different curtains with different purposes. Depending upon the theme too, there are curtains to choose from. A curtain is one of the crucial elements that can set the mood of a room and if you don’t know this yet, curtains can help you to de-stress when you come home after a tiring day at work. All you need to do is ch

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    Posted on: Aug 04, 2016

    Tips For Your Home Care In Rainy Season

    Monsoon season is up and it is going to stay with us for quite some time now. While you cannot ignore the natural, you can certainly try protecting your house by artificial means. It may be a good idea to let a professional inspect your house and come up with new ideas to keep your house dry and moist free. Here are few things you can do as part of home care in rainy seasons:

    1. Let’s begin with fixing your sleeping condition, to make sure you have a nice and comfortable bed. For a

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    Posted on: May 18, 2016

    Beat The Heat With These Summer Dresses

    With the rising mercury and the Sun just on the top, here we are with some essential yet trendy summer outfits you must possess this season to stay chic and stylish, no matter what: 1)  Cotton Shift Dress Light weight, airy and easy - a cotton shift dress is an all purpose dress you can wear multiple times in one season. Bet you would want to pick this one up every time you need to walk out of that door. Read More

    Posted on: May 10, 2016

    Spring 2016 Shopping Guide in Karol Bagh

    Spring-summer 2016 has brought around a tornado in the fashion industry. Everything that was so dear and loved last season is being trashed this time around. Here’s a quick guide you must go through before you head out to your favourite Karol Bagh for Spring shopping.

    Neckline Issues Read More

    Posted on: May 01, 2016

    Shopping Comparison In Karol Bagh: Are You Headed To The Right Place?

    Discussing shopping plans is something which most of the women cannot live without. But every time you share your plan for shopping, you mostly get to hear various suggestions & experiences of shops & stores from past visits of your friends, colleagues, cousins and even neighbors; especially if you happen to live anywhere close to Karol-Bagh. So, for your kind reference, here is a quick comparison of famous Karol-Bagh shops which might help you to decide

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    Posted on: Apr 15, 2016

    A Complete Karol Bagh Shopping Guide For Brides

    If best markets in Delhi for bridal shopping are what you are looking for, Karol Bagh is sure to top the list. Despite the wide variety of items a bride would need available on sale in karol bagh at a price much slashed from South Ext. market or GK, is it still an easy job to shop for your wedding in Karol Bagh? Apparently not without this post! This is a complete Karol bagh shopping guide for brides you’d ever need for an awesome shopping experience. This is the

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    Posted on: Apr 01, 2016

    Get Your Sherwani Custom Stitched For That Perfect Look

    Buying a readymade sherwani can be the easiest thing to do for your wedding day, but a readymade sherwani might not always fit you so perfectly the way a custom stitched sherwani does! Fitting is the most crucial aspect of a sherwani, although, of course, colour, fabric, style and design also play their part. So when you get custom tailoring for sherwani, you can ensure you feel and look like a prince on your special day.

    Posted on: Mar 15, 2016

    10 Best Jewellery Showrooms In Karol Bagh You Cannot Afford To Miss

    Karol Bagh, rightly called the Mecca for shoppers has something for everyone. But when it specifically comes to jewellery shopping, could there be a place better than Karol Bagh trot around? Here are the best jewellery showrooms in Karol bagh you cannot afford to miss:

    BMS Jew

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    Posted on: Mar 01, 2016

    Where to Buy Mens Ethnic Wear

    Whether your wedding bells are on the cards, or you just received an invitation card for a wedding, knowing what’s really ‘in’ is crucial when it comes to Indian attire. From Kurta Pyajamas and Sherwani to Jacket Kurta, Angrakha, and Jodhpuri pants, Indian ethnic wear has options galore for you to explore.

    When you plan to shop in Delhi, there is no dearth of options t

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    Posted on: Feb 15, 2016

    Looking for the Perfect Wedding Lehenga? Five Stores You Must Go to in Karol Bagh

    Buying that perfect lehenga for one of the most unforgettable moments in a woman’s life? Not an easy job. Difficult as it may be, but we at make it a dream come true. Here are five fabulous stores that are sure to be dream destinations in Karol Bagh for your dream lehenga:

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    Posted on: Feb 01, 2016

    The Magic of Wedding Shopping In Karol Bagh

    Shopping, especially for wedding in Karol Bagh is no less than a magic spell, particularly when you have us by your side. You will hear all kinds of stories about exhausting trips to Karol Bagh that might leave you drained out completely and that’s certainly not what you want more than ever when your wedding day is approaching. Keeping this in mind, we developed this amazing portal that shrinks down your load and makes wedding shopping

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    Posted on: Jan 15, 2016

    Top 10 Places to Shop in Karol Bagh

    Whether it’s the wedding season or spring shopping spree, there’s no better place than Karol Bagh to visit and come back home with loads of shopping bags. But in this crowded place, where to start from? Here are top 10 places to look for Karol Bagh shopping. Karol Bagh Saree House Don’t go by the name- you can buy not just sarees, but suits, le

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    Posted on: Jan 01, 2016

    The Magical Karol Bagh When Shopping Is On Your Mind

    Karol Bagh are two magical words when it comes to shopping. Whether you want to buy fashion accessories, precious or junk jewellery, traditional outfits, footwear, linens, or what not- Karol Bagh has a key to every lock. Karol bagh is one of the largest wedding shopping markets in the country and if you’re lucky enough to shop at Karol Bagh, your trousseau shopping is going to be amazing. From latest styles to v

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